The e-HMS (e-Hospital Management System) is a major step towards adapting technology to improve healthcare services. The eHMS incorporates an integrated computerized clinical information system for improved hospital administration and patient health care services. The eHMS has the functionalities of Integrated Hospital Management System covering PAS (Patient administration Services), Clinical and Diagnostic Services, Support Services, Personnel and Financial Management with a seamless integration with e-Aushadhi [Supply Chain Management (SCM)] system.

Major Outcomes –

Ø  Reduction in waiting time for citizens

Ø  Quality time spent by the doctor, due to online availability of EMR/EHR

Ø  Investigation reports made available online

Ø  Reduction in manual writing by doctors and nursing staff by providing them user friendly drop down menus and dashboards

Ø  Real time availability of OPD/IPD data of hospitals (Aadhaar enabled Tracking)

Ø  Easy referrals of patients within hospital and other referral hospitals

Ø  Data analysis will lead to better disease surveillance

Ø  Real time availability of bed availability across hospitals